Searching FOR THE NICEST PANTHER CHAMELEONS FOR SALE ONLINE? Reptile has practical experience in all areas of panther chameleon, including baby panther chameleons, adolescent, and grown-up panther chameleons for sale. We offer both male panther chameleon for sale just as a female panther chameleon for sale. At, we offer almost all panther chameleon transforms otherwise called panther chameleon areas. Additionally, picking your new pet chameleon shading should be possible by picking the district you’d like. Ambilobe panther chameleon for sale online from panther chameleon reproducers. We practice chameleons for sale, including panther chameleon, baby panther chameleon, ambilobe panther chameleon.

Searching FOR A BABY PANTHER CHAMELEON FOR SALE? has a colossal determination of baby ambilobe panther chameleons just as different areas.

Offering an assortment of hostage reproduced reptiles for sale on the web, we likewise are raisers of Nosy Be chameleon for sale, including meddlesome be chameleon for sale on the web. Searching for a grown-up Nosy Be chameleon for sale? Look at our Nosy be and our Nosy Faly panther chameleon for sale, meddling faly chameleon on the web. Blue is your preferred shading cham? Consider our Blue Ambanja panther chameleon, our baby blue ambanja panther chameleon online are top quality and excessively blue! Most importantly, Reptile has the biggest stock of hostage reproduced panthers for sale on the web.

The panther cham’s distinctive hues are totally dazzling. Look at the Ambanja panther chameleons for sale online just as Sambava panther chameleon. Why Captive Bred Panther Chameleons?


Chameleon’s notoriety for being hard to think about was to a great extent “earned” because of the poor state of numerous wild imports and, very frequently, deficient consideration rehearses. An imported chameleon regularly has an assortment of medical problems. Medical problems can incorporate inner parasites, wounds, contaminations, drying out, and a discouraged safe framework. Wild-got panther chams ages can’t be resolved with sureness. Along these lines, even an in any case solid individual may have a constrained life expectancy just because of age.


Panther Chameleon shading transforms, otherwise called panther cham regions tend to the numerous assortments of panther chameleon for sale. Shading is a conspicuous element of the panther, and there is a wealth of wonderful and one of a kind hues being delivered. By shopping or picking your new chameleon by district, you can essentially pick a shading. When choosing what shading to go with, remember a few regions are progressively hard to think about. For instance, the most brilliant, biggest and simplest to think about are no different regions. Ambilobe panthers offer the best shading variation of any region.


Individuals will be astounded to discover that in spite of viral recordings and TV paint plugs, the panther cham doesn’t change shading to immediately coordinate any foundation it is set against. All panther chameleons for sale display shading change, however, for an assortment of reasons. These reasons can incorporate a strategy for correspondence, to all the more likely retain or reflect brilliant warmth, and to mix in with regular natural surroundings.


Baby Panther chameleons for sale are beginning to turn out to be increasingly famous. We really prescribe obtaining an adolescent or youthful grown-up panther, as they are a lot simpler to think about, yet on the off chance that you are keen on a baby panther chameleon hatchling for sale, we do have them accessible.

Difficulties with keeping baby panthers sound and developing accurately are related to finding littler bugs, similar to 1/eighth crickets, or flightless natural product flies. Baby Panthers additionally should be showered up to 15 times each day for 1 brief interim, making hydration a bigger concern while conveying for a panther cham baby or hatchling, paying little heed to the district. A few areas of panther chams for sale do become quicker and slower than others, with the Ambilobe Panther Chameleon becoming the biggest and the quickest.


Panther chameleons for sale are explicitly dimorphic; guys are bigger (15 to 20 inches all out length) with a more extensive scope of hues than females. Contingent upon mind-set or visual incitement, guys may show hues that demonstrate a loose or energized state. At the point when a male is energized and “started up,” he is likely sending a visual message to an adversary male that he is happy to shield his turf, and to a female that he is prepared for romance.

Full-sized panther chameleon females for sale are 8 to 10 inches. Develop female panther chams for sale show gentler shading tint. Tones incorporate peach, rose or violet, when responsive to reproducing. A female panther chameleon for sale that is gravid or unwelcoming to the desirous goals of a male. Female panthers will streak profoundly differentiating hues, for example, dark in blend with red, orange or pink.


All screen is the best approach, or if nothing else, for the most part, all screen (a few pens have glass front entryways for a better survey). Panther Chams do well altogether screen confines or enclosures with in any event two screened sides (front/top, side/top) with in any case strong dividers. Favorable circumstances are expanded water vanishing, lighter weight and the capacity to accomplish a warm luxuriating spot without overheating the whole condition.

Warming or cooling your home can turn the air very dry, and chameleon confines including strong side and back dividers can help keep up stickiness inside the pen while forestalling clouded water from jumping on your dividers and furniture.

At, we additionally work with the more typical and less bright hidden chameleon. Different types of hidden chameleons are accessible including the piebald hidden chameleon for sale.

PANTHER CHAMELEON HEATING Reptile’s primary chameleon rooms keep up a surrounding daytime temperature of 75-77 degrees Fahrenheit, with a lolling spot of 89 to 958 degrees for each panther cham nook. Evening temperatures are 72 to 76 degrees.

Mounting the lounging light, or luxuriating heat component over or suspended more than one corner of the enclosure. Position the branch or vine straightforwardly underneath it, a good way off to accomplish the correct relaxing temperature. As baby panther Chams develop, a similar roost that was before a protected good ways from the warmth source may turn out to be excessively close. Altering the warmth source might be required so as to keep consumes from the warm light.

Screen the entirety of your temperatures with a thermometer, and watch for regular vacillations. On the off chance that your home gets cooler than 65 degrees around evening time, utilize an earthenware heat producer to raise the evening temperature keeping it 72 degrees at the absolute bottom of the day or night. Temperature is significant for all cutthroat reptiles like panthers, as they depend on it to thermoregulate their internal heat level.


UVB Lighting for chameleons is significant. We prescribe utilizing either a reptilian t5 10.0 light or an Arcadia 12% light. Utilizing a T5 high yield UVB light for your chameleon natural surroundings is significant. Essentially, the taller the pen, the more UVB % you need. So a 4′ enclosure would require a 10% or 12% light, where as a 30″ confine could pull off even a 6 to 10% UVB light. We have a full determination of chameleon UVB lights for sale.


Notwithstanding panther chameleons, we additionally offer Veiled chameleonss for sale and baby hidden chameleons. Searching for Jackson’s chameleon for sale? we have those too. In case you’re searching for a tortoise for sale or turtles for sale, look at our sister store. Tortoise Town has a wide assortment of hostage reproduced baby panther chameleon for sale just as a Veiled chameleon for sale.

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