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Murphy the Mojave
I entered into this crazy hobby of ball pythons much like many of you, with one pet ball python. As I scoured the web looking for as much information as I could about my first ball python, a normal male named Kashmire, I discovered that there was a whole world of ball python morphs (color and pattern mutations) that I had not realized existed.

I was enchanted and wanted to learn more! I found a great online forum community that made me feel at home called Ball-Pythons.net. I immersed myself in the community and was honored to be invited to become a moderator of the site about a year later, and a co-owner and administrator about six months after that.

I've had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people in this hobby, and over the past years, my collection has slowly grown.

I built my founding colony being very particular about the animals that I added to my stock, looking for very specific colors and patterns that would enhance, rather than dirty up the mutations that I am interested in working with and producing.

Here at Robin's Nest Reptiles, I am dedicated to selectively breeding only the finest examples of morphs that I can. I do believe that selective breeding is the future of the ball python industry. While you may find a less expensive animal of a given morph elsewhere, the quality of my animals speaks for themselves.

Please stop by "The Nest" and take a look at my animals that are part of my personal collection. Then stop by my available page and see if I have what you're looking for. If I don't have a particular morph or animal that you'd like to add to your collection, I have a list of breeder and hobbiest friends linked on my Contacts page that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to!

Thank you again for stopping by my little slice of the web! I hope you enjoy your visit!


Robin Abernethy